Episode 9

Ep. 9 You Don't Have To Earn Self Care with Dr. Kourtney Bell

Published on: 23rd February, 2022

In this episode, we have a conversation with Dr. Kourtney Bell on the myth of earning self-care, non-traditional forms of self-care, and balancing professional image with personal pursuits as a Psychotherapist and lifestyle blogger. Today she also shares what to do when the inner dialogue gets negative, choosing to be authentic, and her foray into sports statistics as a way to recharge.

What to listen for:

  • Identify how self-care makes you feel 2:17
  • Non-traditional forms of self-care 2:35
  • Feeling the need to earn self-care 4:35
  • How to reframe the need to earn self-care 6:45
  • Types of self-care and examples 8:29
  • The power of checking your inner dialogue 10:30
  • Reconciling professional life with social media presence 16:30
  • The advice she’d give her 18-year old self 23:49

Weekly Quick Question:

What form of non-traditional self-care will you try this week? Email us or Tag us in a picture practicing it

Where to Find Dr. Kourtney Bell:


IG: @_mochahontas

IG: @BeAccountableWithKourt

Resources Mentioned:

Sista.Docs, a digital space for black & brown mental health professionals

Therapy For Black Girls

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